The Horror Nerd’s Ode to Indie Theatres


Nickelodeon Theatre! Whaaaaat?!

I am a horror fan, like my mother and father before me. It’s been a lonely life, given that 90% of my social circle is very anti horror. They feel it is either too gory, too scary, too intense, or too uncomfortable, basically all the things I love most about horror. This has lead to me exploring my horror movie fandom in private, surfing the streams for the next shocker. It hasn’t been all bad, streaming media channels have greatly improved their horror collections in recent years. In some cases, they are the best place to find new horror that is too graphic for theaters, however, there’s always that one film that gets all the buzz online, wins at all the festivals, but never makes it to theaters or to streaming. I can sometimes catch it on Red Box, but I have to be vigilant because it comes and goes so quickly, it is easy to miss it.

Being a horror nerd is hard.

When I started reading about the movie “Raw“, I was sure I would never get to see it. Too sensational for mainstream theaters, too foreign for major streaming channels. I was sure I would have to wait for it to hit DVD, or have my boyfriend add it to a torrent watch list. When I read that they were doing a limited theater release this weekend, I was excited for my fellow horror nerds. When I read that one of the chosen theaters was in my city, I was ecstatic!

I was already in love with The Nickelodeon Theatre for bringing me The Lobster and Looking Through a Glass Onion: Deconstructing The White Album, and now this? I bought my ticket the very next day, I say ticket because none of my anti-horror friends will go with me, despite my enthusiastic begging. That’s ok, going to the movies alone is part of being a horror nerd.

So, here’s to The Nickelodeon! Thank you for bringing horror nerds out of their dark corners and into the theater!

“Raw” movie review coming soon!


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