Shut Up And Take My Money: Baby Groot Figure

One of the best parts of being a financially stable adult in a DINK (Double Income No Kids) relationship is the ability to throw money at frivolous things that bring you joy and there are few things in this life that bring me more joy than Baby Groot.

I have an addiction to toys and figurines. There’s something about taking a character from a movie, video game or comic and being able to pose and play with them in real life. Most figurines are cheesy up close and hardly worth the money, but I have been fortunate enough to find a few that are worth the investment. Like this guy…

I am very optimistic about my decision to invest in this preorder. The three interchangeable facial expressions and four hand positions alone have me swooning. Throw in his little junk ship jumpsuit and I am dying…

I am not gonna lie, $189.99 is no small fee for this much cuteness. However, this is the first site I have seen that offers a reasonable payment plan for their figs. A feature that is especially dangerous for my bank account.


I should mention that if you are looking to join me in purchasing this little bundle of joy, you will have to wait quite a while to receive him. While the prototype is up for preorder now, purchased figs will not ship until March 2018.

Just remember that quality figs are worth the wait. I waited years to receive my Four Horsies of The ‘Pocalypse set and I regret nothing.

Subscribe for more blogs about the figs I own and the artists I buy from. Leave me a comment letting me know where you get your collectibles. Let’s nerd out together!


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