#NotMyIronFist – Villains


Still winning

Welcome to the second installment of the #NotMyIronFist blog series! Where I angrily rant about my deep disappointment with everything about this failed attempt at a Marvel TV series.

Today we are going to talk about the complete lack of direction in The Iron Fist, specifically the severe lack of a real villain/threat.

As always, watch out for spoilers! Continue reading “#NotMyIronFist – Villains”


#NotMyIronFist – Heroes


This guy wins

I am not a huge binge watcher, sitting in front of the TV for days at a time to consume a series in it’s entirety is not something that I particularly enjoy doing. However, exceptions are always made for Netflix/Marvel collaborations. From Daredevil, to Jessica Jones, to Luke Cage, I would stop the world to binge on anything Netflix would put out and never be disappointed…until now. Continue reading “#NotMyIronFist – Heroes”